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Stairway To Freedom

Chapter 6

Diet For Health And Spirituality

Now, before I start this chapter, I need to clarify one or two points. The person from The White Brotherhood who dictated this entire book to me, and you must remember that it was done using clairaudience or channelling as it is sometimes called, asked me if I could make a list of all the fruits, nuts, and pulses that I could find and he would tell me into what category they fitted.

Now, when this book was being dictated some 30 years ago, internet did not exist and the only source of information on food that was available to me was through diet and cookery books. So, I went through as many as I could and I made a list. However, I was never really satisfied that I had compiled all the food that was available at that time and, with the passage of time, no doubt there are more exotic foods available now than were available then.

I must also say that the names of certain fruits, etcetera, changes according to the country. For example, in England, we have red and green peppers. In America, they are known as bell peppers and so on.

So if you notice any omissions in the following list I hope that you will pardon us.

Also, the way clairvoyance works is that I have to have the words already in my mind for the guide to speak them to me. If I do not have knowledge of a word, they cannot make it sound in my mind. So, even if the person dictating to me knew of other foods, if the name of that food was unknown to me, I would not be able to pick it up.

And, on the subject of language, you may have noticed, if you have followed the book thus far, that the language used is very formal, precise, and a little old-fashioned. Although I had a reasonable education at school, The White Brotherhood asked me, before commencing this book, to read classic literature and pushed me to return to evening classes studying English in order to advance my vocabulary. Thus, I was able to capture this rather stilted language accurately but I do appreciate that it is not the most easy reading. Bob Sanders.

Now, I’m going to get on with the chapter. So I begin.

The next item to be discussed of interest and concern to the student relates to the subject of diet. There have been many factions over the years that have considered nourishment of the human body in terms of calories, fats, carbohydrates, etcetera, with the view to obtaining a balanced diet. A balanced diet assumes that a person is imbued with the necessary elements to sustain him in perfect health and so it is that, over the generations, learned people have proposed that certain foods in certain quantities should be consumed at given times of the day and expected that all would be well.

However, as is now history, all was not always well. People became ill despite administrations of do-gooder dieticians and so, gradually, the dieticians changed the diet as it became apparent to them that certain foods were inimicable to the human frame and still people became sick. It is also interesting to observe the diets proposed at any particular time by so-called experts from around the world, in China, Russia, Scandinavia, etcetera. At the same moment in time, in different parts of the globe, experts were and are propounding the absolute virtues of a diet widely differing from that being proposed by a fellow dietitian in another segment of the world. It makes no difference. Their patients still succumb to illness and still die prematurely from diet-related diseases.

Is it, therefore, possible to discover a true diet that will bring the necessary vitamins and minerals in their correct quantities to promote a healthy existence whilst, at the same time, avoiding ingesting toxins that cause harm to the metabolism? The answer is, yes, but that answer must be qualified by certain statements and by qualities concerning life in general. The subject of diet is long and complex and cannot be dismissed simply by listing a few items to be eaten and a few items to be avoided. The subject covers a much wider field than the food names alone.

It is necessary to realise that humans are affected by the rays that dominated at their birth and that will affect their progress during all of their existence. Those rays were present in a person’s reality long before he was born to Earth and will see him to the Godhead]. The rays, of which people generally know little except in terms of signs of the zodiac, are a vital part of a person’s metabolism and affect that person during every moment of his life. It is not the moment to discuss these rays as that, too, is a complex subject and requires much study to comprehend.

It is mentioned in order to elucidate that people may be formed into groups according to the sign of the zodiac. The rays that affect and carry them along the path to God do not only affect humans. They also affect plants and animals. Those who would eat well would do well to realise that food differs according to the rays with which it is in harmony and that, by eating food amicable to him, he will be eating the correct food for him. Therefore, it can be obvious that, before an individual can hope to ingest the correct types of food for his metabolism, he needs not only to know and to appreciate the rays he travels under but also has needs to appreciate the different types of food vibrating or corresponding to that same ray in order that he may appreciate that which is safe and advantageous for him to consume and that which is an anathema to his system.

Such information is vital to his well-being and so it will become necessary for the student to appreciate the finer details relating to his birth sign and to the corresponding rays through which food relates to him. Should he be unable to follow that precept, he is in the position that the vast majority of humanity find themselves in, that is, they are both nourishing and poisoning themselves with every mouthful of food that they eat.

Thus we realise that the subject of diet can be quite complex and that no two birth sign groups of individuals may partake of exactly the same types of food. Those who ignore this fact must continue to nourish their body in the haphazard fashion that they already do but those who can appreciate the validity of this advice will notice an improvement in the health of the body which will reflect throughout their spiritual bodies as well. Thus they will greatly benefit from the dietary changes they effect on themselves.

Should there be any reason why an individual cannot follow the dietary advice given, then that person should follow the guidance of his doctor because some there are with certain deficiencies in their metabolisms who would require supplements of certain minerals or vitamins. Such people should follow the correct diet as far as they are advised to do and follow the directions of a qualified medical practitioner after. Let it be clearly understood that the advice given will benefit all mankind and should be followed scrupulously in order to reap the benefits from it.

It is the general custom amongst vast numbers throughout the world to base their diets upon the consumption of animal flesh. It has been considered, since time immemorial, to be necessary to the human condition despite many peoples throughout that same world living successful lives as vegetarians for economic or religious reasons. A veil is drawn by the meat-eaters over the successful sustaining of life on vegetables alone and meat-eaters join together to convince each other that killing animals is both vital and excusable because life cannot be successfully maintained without it. Reasons are given that man has always been an omnivore since he lived in caves. His close relation, the monkey, is known to eat meat.

And so the argument is conclusively set that meat-eating is required by the human form. And why not? It tastes nice, it makes an attractive centre to any meal, it opens up countless culinary possibilities, and so on. There is a valid reason as to why humans incarnate on Earth should not eat meat, unless, and only unless, they are in danger of starving. It is excusable to consume the flesh of a freshly killed animal in order to preserve the temple of the body because a human body is of a higher spiritual order than that of an animal and, in the balance of spiritual power, it is more valid that a human should survive than an animal. But that is the only reason for killing and for eating the flesh of any animal.

Most human beings on Earth today are not starving and so, to them, it is stated with the utmost force and vigour that they should cease forthwith to kill and to eat God’s creatures because they are harming themselves physically and spiritually and, furthermore, are upsetting the balance of spiritual power that the archangels strive so strenuously to maintain. Meat is harmful to the human form. It contains toxins that poison the body. It begins to decay in the body before being evacuated thus creating more toxins and, worst of all, it replaces in the diet some foods that should be eaten in order to maintain the individual in vibrant health.

Meat contributes nothing but harm to the body. It is not necessary and meat contains no mineral or vitamin benefits that cannot be replaced by vegetables, fruits, and nuts. The digestive tract of humans is formed for the digestion of vegetables. Thus, it is long. The digestive tract of carnivores is short so that they may extract the necessary vital elements and excrete quickly the waste matter before it begins to putrefy. The converse happens in humans. Thus, a number of ailments are brought into condition where they could be avoided.

Secondly, there is a complex relationship between the spiritual quality of an animal and the spiritual quality of humans. Whilst it is quite possible to blend the aura of the pet animal to that of its friend or so-called owner, it is not possible to blend the aura of an animal killed against its wishes and in abject fear with those of the individual who consumes that animal with the remnants of that aura still clinging to the meat. A complex pattern of upset is formed in the aura of the eater which may result in strange sensations affecting the emotions of the eater, emotions of violence, hatred, or fear, reflecting the conditions emanating from the meat eaten and moulding into the personality of the eater. Thus, it has been written that meat-eating can inflame the passions, hence the mystique that some foods have with reference, for example, to being aphrodisiacs. That is why certain tribes in Africa would kill and eat the flesh raw of a lion prior to going into battle.

Those passions are not required by the disciple of God. The passions required are true love, peace, and understanding. They may be gained in part by befriending an animal and raising its sensibilities above the animal level by sharing the warmth and kindness of beautiful human companionship with it but nothing can be gained by eating it. Therefore, as has been stated before, “thou shalt not kill”. It is necessary for the student on the path to God to become a vegan so that he does not poison his physical form nor his bodies of light with the evil emanating from an animal that has had its life torn from it prior to its natural term. Nor is it acceptable to eat any by-products of an animal’s death. Nor yet any fruit of that animal such as eggs, milk, or cheese.

To be a disciple, it is necessary to eat only fruit, nuts, raisins, vegetables, or pulses. Anyone who thinks that he may enter the kingdom of God and eat meat is deluding himself. God’s kingdom deals in realities, not delusions. The Christ Jesus, it is noted in the Bible, ate from time to time fish, lamb, and various other meats and yet he was from God, of God, and returned to God. Why and how is this? If he were sufficiently enlightened, he should not have consumed the flesh of animals. Therefore, there appears to be a dilemma.

The answer 2000 years later is difficult to state with any certainty. Should Jesus have been born today, it is certain that he would have been a vegan. That can be stated a certainty because his views today are known to us. As to the past, it is probable that he ate meat. Perhaps there was nothing much else to sustain the body. Perhaps he ate meat in order to associate himself with those whom he taught and to those whom he offered enlightenment. Perhaps the Greek translation admitted to mention that he only ate vegetables. Perhaps, as the stories were transmitted by word of mouth throughout time, they became corrupted in the views of those who could not imagine that anyone could survive on vegetables alone.

We shall never know for certain and let it not be a stumbling block for the future. It is certain today that meat is harmful to man and will prevent him from obtaining the goal that he seeks. By being a vegan and by being a disciple of God, it shows others how to live and in the degree that others become vegans, then, hopefully, violence will decline in the world and peace will reign as it should. Therefore, those who would aspire to perfect physical health and those who would aspire to use that physical health as a means of directing their energies inwards and upwards to strengthen their bodies of light are required to observe diet as a spiritual act of obedience to God. Then that food ingested will not only replenish the physical form but will also generate streams of energy into the astral realms, strengthening and revitalising them with vibrant spiritual power which will enable those auras to act as vehicles of consciousness when the individual is ready and able so to do.

Discussing the role of diet in connection with the complexity of a total human condition leads one to pose certain pertinent questions. Those questions would relate to the effect of that diet upon the metabolism and would make considerations concerning the effectiveness of that diet in maintaining the metabolism in a working and balanced condition. Consideration would also be given to the effect that the diet would have upon the spiritual bodies of light for it is by no means just a one-way flow of energy that emanates from the bodies of light to the human form.

The process, as with so many others, is a dual one. Energy flows from the body to the auras. That energy is obtained initially from the food ingested and it is transformed and heightened in value according to the degree of spirituality of the individual and according to the original value of the food ingested. It may seem strange to consider that food of various sorts has potentially a varying capacity for spiritual manipulation according to the type of food that it is but it is so. The relationship between food and its spiritual value is complex but the potential value of any particular food may be altered by its suitability to the individual that is eating it.

Therefore, to give an example, the value of an animal may be considered to be greater than that of a plant. However, its potential for doing good is greatly affected by the conditions in which it was raised to adulthood, the manner in which it was treated on his trip to the slaughterhouse, and the manner in which it was killed. As has been previously mentioned, meat taken under those circumstances contains no benefit to humans and is actually harmful. The potential spiritual energy of such an animal is cancelled by the lethal auras emanating from its life and death, of fear and unhappiness, and that fear contaminates the meat, cancelling any potential for assisting humans to raise spiritual energy.

It has, in fact, the opposite effect. It lowers the spirituality of humans, thus, it was written earlier that it is not possible for a meat-eater to enter the kingdom of Heaven. No matter how strenuously an initiate strives to raise his consciousness towards the higher worlds, no matter in what degree he practices the techniques of meditation, etcetera, he is being dragged down below the level at which he started each time he ingests a mouthful of the flesh of an animal killed before its time set by God for it to die. Therefore, it is repeated that those who would aspire to reach towards God cannot successfully do so until all meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and dairy produce is eliminated from their diet.

By a similar process, one must consider another product that traditionally has been considered to be beneficial to mankind – honey. We will accept that everyone is familiar with the virtues of honey as a food and as a medication, but a similar process applies when it is ingested to that of when meat is taken. Because the bees are reluctant to give the honey away, it has to be stolen from them. Therefore, the stealer, the beekeeper, has sometimes to harm them with smoke in order to affect his crime and then he plunges the living embryo bees into boiling water to kill them to melt the wax and obtain his harvest.

The sensitive needs no further graphic portrayal of the aura attached to honey. With meats, one sin is performed – “thou shalt not kill”. With honey, two crimes are committed – “thou shalt not kill” and “thou shalt not steal”. So all are advised to omit honey from their diet as that too will prevent a person from entering the kingdom of Heaven should it be consumed. One is not permitted to become at one with God whilst one’s life is full of sin and therefore it is necessary to become a true vegan should one desire to make at-one-ment one’s goal.

Let us now consider the subject of which food it is possible to eat in order to derive the greatest possible benefit. First, it is necessary to state that no one should consume more than is necessary in order to maintain himself in health. Vegetables are alive and although it is considered necessary for humans to eat them in order to retain their health and their lives on Earth, it should also be remembered that those vegetables are harvested against their will and the same type of aura surrounds a vegetable taken against its will as would surround a piece of meat.

Fortunately, as the degree of sensitivity of vegetables is low, the amount of hatred, pain, and fear that they are able to generate is very little and so the benefits they donate to the human is greater than the harm generated by absorbing the aura of hate. But it must be realised that the more food that is taken, the greater the degree of hatred, etcetera, ingested. Therefore, it is advisable to eat only sufficient to maintain perfect health.

Next, it is necessary to broach the complex subject of which foods are safe for people to eat. As was hinted at earlier, that varies according to the rays along which people travel which corresponds to the signs of the zodiac. These rays are necessary for people and for animals and plants and, indeed, all life is generated and progresses by means of carrier waves of various types and frequencies. As to the reason why and how all this happens, the reader is referred to the appropriate chapter. At present, let us accept the validity of the rays, the signs of the zodiac, as applying not only to the human race but to all life in every aspect of manifestation.

Thus, we may see that by focusing on the vegetable kingdom and including nuts, fruits, and pulses, these too are split into groups and will be separated, one group from another, by virtue of differing waves. It may also be appreciated that those groups of vegetables of a particular ray would blend most suitably with a human of the same ray. Therefore, it is proposed to announce that for a person to comply with the pull of that wave which has carried him for many, many years so far, it would be better that he should begin to limit his diet to those foods which comply with his needs according to that ray.

As I said at the beginning of this chapter, the actual list of food has been removed until it can be updated. Bob Sanders

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