Online Book – Chapter 13 – THINGS THAT ARE TO BE


Can you imagine a situation in which the past, the present, and the future were all one, all related into a continuous stream in which the only aspect that was relevant was sequence of events? No? Then you are probably wise. It is almost impossible for a person incarnate on Earth and tied to concepts of time, of calendar, of lunar events to appreciate that time, in fact, does not exist and it is possible, indeed probable, that even after we have carefully explained the facts, that many of you will reject those facts as not being an accurate portrayal of reality. However, we will do our best to present to you the information in a readily understandable fashion and leave the rest to your credulity.

We live in a world that is governed by clocks. Those clocks, assuming that they are working correctly, give an indication of the passing moments related to the rotation of the Earth. It is deduced that morning sunrise appears with great regularity. If one lived on the equator then, indeed, sunrise would be at a particular time each day and sunset would follow exactly 12 hours later. This state of measuring the passage of time and to chronicle this passage has been of great use in the development of mankind and it is true to say that the development of civilisation would have taken a different course had timekeeping not been invented.

Whether that latent alternative development would have been better or worse is another matter. Certainly, it would have been different. However, man has recently discovered that the rules governing his ability to observe the passage of time do not nearly cover events as they occur in nature. His ability to keep grasp upon time is very tenuous indeed. He has observed that movement destroys that time-keeping accuracy. Fortunately, the speed at which man travels over the surface of the planet is comparatively leisurely and so the difference measured between clocks stationary on the surface of that planet and clocks travelling over it is minimal. Once man begins to travel faster, of course, the difference becomes more marked until it is virtually meaningless.

It has been supposed that if one travelled at the speed of light, time would cease to be of relevance. In fact, we state to you that, in real terms in relation to cosmic consciousness, time has never existed. We are interested in quantifying laws that exist generally, not within a limited and finite set of circumstances, and we know that the rules concerning time on Earth, though important to the type of civilisation developed, nevertheless, are meaningless. We state again that time does not exist. However, sequence of events does.

A mayfly is born, grows to maturity, mates, and dies in a short space of time as measured on Earth. Nevertheless, it completes its life cycle. An elephant does the same as does a tortoise or a whale. Those creatures may take many years in earthly terms to complete their life cycles but each one goes through the same motions. Is the life of an elephant more important than a mayfly, as it takes longer to achieve its potential? No. Each and everything is as important as everything else. Therefore, the mayfly and the elephant perform the same function in God’s eyes. The difference in time scale is immaterial. It is the fact that they live that is important and that they procreate. It is the sequence of events that are real, not the time scale.

From that, we observe all too often people become bogged down in their minds with the amount of time that is spent producing an object. How many objects can be produced in any given period of time and ultimately the financial profit to be derived from such events? This way of life is based on a number of wrong suppositions and on wrong criteria. In the first place, as was mentioned, time itself does not exist. Therefore, the concept of hourly wage, for example, is wrong. The concept of time and motion study is wrong. It is the inevitable result of a mistaken sense of separateness from God.

If one truly had faith that God would provide, it would be possible to produce articles not for profit but for the benefit of fellow man. Those articles, if distributed amongst people for the benefit of those people and to the glory of God, would be rewarded by God and the manufacturer would be rewarded by the power of God. If you do not believe it to be so then you would fail if you tried. If you have the confidence in God so as to be able to place yourself in His hands, then try it. You will be amazed that it does in fact work. God will protect and nurture His own. You can work for the benefit of the power of God manifest in man and you will be rewarded by God. You will want for nothing. Faith is all that is necessary.

Therefore, we now have two aspects to our life outside of time: sequence of events and faith in God. To that we add a third. It is normal amongst business people to pay great heed to the amount of energy expended in producing an article not because the businessmen are philanthropic enough to care about the well-being of their workers but because energy costs money. Money spent implies reduced profit. Businesses thrive on profit. We say to you, take no regard for the amount of energy that you expend personally on completing a project for God. However, do not waste resources.

If you expend a great deal of your own energy upon any work, you will find that that energy will be replaced, and more, by God, providing that the work was performed for the Glory of God. But, you are asked to pay great heed to the natural resources being used around you. Gas, electricity, oil – all these things are the result of processes occurring within the Earth and, because they are exploited for profit, are not replaced. Therefore, use them sparingly.

Now let us assemble the whole trinity of sequence of events, of faith in God, and of energy expended. What has this strange concoction of apparently unrelated events got to do with time, the past, or the future? If a workman uses his energy to create something to the glory of God in the sure knowledge that he will be rewarded by God and considers not how much effort he personally expends, he will find that the work that he achieves will be beautiful and will transcend the limitations of the throwaway society in which we now live. His work will go on into the future and will be admired by future generations. That will be the link with him over the years almost as if a hand was being stretched out in both directions to join the past with the future.

It is not necessary, however, to manufacture something in order to reach out in time. If you think about it, the manufactured article is an extension of the person’s mind and that mind is the creating force. It is possible for someone to train their mind to reach out in all directions in an endeavour to join with and be at one with the minds of others. With training, the mind is capable of performing extraordinary tasks and moving backwards and forwards is one of them. The methodology of performing such feats, as usual, is quite simple. It is the inevitable process of prayer, meditation, and service to God that will allow the necessary aura to expand with power and that is the key to reaching outside of the present.

Let us assume that the required degree of development has been achieved. Then, the student will be able to reach out and explore those realms of the past and of the future. The past is fixed, or nearly so, and so exploration of it should be fairly easy and yield consistent results. What he observes, however, depends upon a great deal of things. To give an example, let us imagine that you are in a spaceship and that you are visiting Earth from a distant planet, say, Mars. Let us also imagine that the captain of the spaceship decides to drop several of you, the crew, off towards the planet Earth at various points and at different moments. What would you all report back?

One of you lands upon a polar icecap. He reports back that the Earth is covered in ice. Another lands in a hot desert. He reports back that the planet is covered in sand and is baking hot. Another lands in the sea, another in a city. Some land during the daytime and some at night. From the massive conflicting evidence returned to the captain by the scouts, the poor captain would be justified in concluding that the planet Earth was a place capable of turning his scouts mad and yet each was telling the truth.

Should you learn to enter with your mind that area where records of events are stored, the akashic, what would you see? Would that which you see bear any semblance to reality? How could you decipher the truth from your observations? The answer, of course, is to proceed with caution, observing all and refraining from making decisions concerning the veracity of your observations. It is obvious that that which is observed is dependent upon the viewpoint of the observer. The observation is further coloured by the personality of the observer and, lastly, that which is seen could possibly be a figment of the imagination. The last aspect is the most difficult to deal with because it requires that the student acts in a dispassionate manner, putting aside any wants, hopes, or fears so that he does not inter-react with the event being portrayed to him. Should he unconsciously use his imagination to create a vista then he will be the last to realise it. It will appear real to him, as real as any genuine experience.

Therefore, it has been stated that astral travel or any technique related to it should only be taken by those whose feet are firmly on the ground, metaphorically speaking. Imagination is a useful gift for creating works of fiction or for use as a drawing board to plan a future creation but it is not based on reality. Therefore, for the serious student who wishes to pursue a path through the akashic record, he must learn to prevent his imagination from contributing images. Should he succeed in so doing then that which is observed must be real, no matter how bizarre it may seem. However, it may be of no use to the student to examine, for example, a barren wasteland when he may be interested in meeting people in order to gain points of view. Nor would it serve any purpose to investigate a sub-aqua situation when the action that he is interested in is taking place on dry land.

So, the student must learn to direct his thoughts towards the areas of akashic record that he does wish to investigate and to disregard any other images observed en route. The technique is, in essential, simple. He merely directs his mind to go to that area and to hold his attention fixed until he does. That may seem simple enough until you realise that that is what a darts player does. He fixes his desire on aiming for a bull’s eye, for example, but how many darts does he have to throw before he can hit the bull’s eye every time? You will find exactly the same problem when you first begin to enter the akashic record area. Perseverance will, however, bring results. What will you find when you are able to examine those records?

Every event that has ever happened throughout the annals of earthly existence relating to mankind are there and are available for inspection. Each planet has round it its own akashic area so that should you wish to examine the record relating to events on Mars or Venus, for example, you could, with training, do so. Interpretation of the viewed events would, however, be difficult to achieve meaningfully. Events close to Earth are more easily made sense of. Therefore, you could view the great battles of the world, the life of Jesus, or a peasant going about his daily chores. Whatever you wish to view, you may.

Further, you may interact with those records. Although the images of the past are fixed and finished with, you may take a portion of them and, by using your imagination in a controlled fashion, you may take part in the events occurring. You could, for example, go with Hannibal over the Alps leading an elephant or you could help a great surgeon perform an operation. There are no limits to that which you can do in this area, only the limits that you place upon yourself. You can see from the above that you could learn a great deal of value through you.

Who would not like to return to the time of Jesus and listen to him speak and watch him perform miracles? Who would not like to break bread with the master? You can experience the wonder and the power of his God-fuelled personality. It will act as a source of great inspiration to you throughout your life. This wonderful area is there to be examined by you if you will take the effort, first of all, to enter it and then to control your path through it. If you are unwilling so to do then it remains closed to you.

Having considered the past, what of the future? Many people are of the opinion that the future, as it is yet to come, cannot possibly exist. To a certain extent, they are right. The past is fixed and finished with and nothing can alter it but the future is much more fluid. You may, perhaps, read another page of this book or you may go for a walk. You may take a bath or play a game of football. There are apparently endless possible number of events that can occur. That is, in fact, not true.

Let us state immediately that accidents do occur and that they are unpredictable in the sense that one cannot tell exactly when one may occur. Let us take an example that one hopes will not occur. The chair that you are sitting on may have a fault. It could be suggested that inspection would reveal that fault and remedial action could be taken. However, we will assume that the fault is ignored. At some stage, then, the chair will collapse. Who could tell exactly when it will collapse? If it were possible to so predict then one could rise from the chair seconds before it crashes to the ground and possible harm to the person could be prevented. It is not possible to know with exactitude such a thing and so the chair collapses eventually and the person unlucky enough to be sitting in it suffers a bruised body and dignity!

Similarly, with regard to health, one should look after the body but, assuming that one does not, then an illness of some sort may strike without warning, perhaps fatally. Although that illness could have been prevented, the exact moment when it strikes is unknown. That is fact. Many religions, typically Eastern ones, have a fatalistic attitude to accidents, stating that it is the will of God that such things should happen and ascribe to God the dreadful responsibility of making them occur at a precise moment. God does not operate in that fashion. Accidents occur in a random fashion and are unpredictable. They are not altogether unpreventable, however. Remedial or preventive measures with regard to personal health, the lifestyle, and the objects one uses is effective. Prayer too, for protection, will put a shield of armour round a person to prevent accidents occurring. But still, sometimes, things do go wrong and, indeed, sometimes happy events accidentally occur. There is always a random element in life.

Ignoring accidents for a moment, the possible future of any individual is, to a certain extent, mapped out for that individual long before he incarnated on Earth. That person, in conjunction with his guides and advisors, would have decided upon a course of events and actions that were necessary for the development of that person. The aim is to bring the individual to God awareness but the route decided upon may be long and tedious. The route planned would, of course, not be a random one but would be designed to complement the areas of personality of the individual that lacked perfection. Then, by the law of mutual attraction, the person who draws certain events towards him actually draws the future unconsciously towards him.

Because he is unaware of that future and the areas that require treatment, he may try to stray from the path and into areas that might appear attractive to him. He would meet a dead end on any such path. With gentleness or with violence, the law of mutual attraction would draw him back onto the path that must be walked. Thus, you see, there is indeed a very limited number of variations to the future that lies before a person. Try as he might, he is compelled to walk the path. However, although the path is, in broad terms, mapped out for any individual, there are from time to time crossroads where the path divides and the person concerned may choose to follow one of two or more futures.

The potential futures would not be radically different from each other but might include interaction with other people. For instance, a person might choose to marry someone or he might choose not to. He might elect to take employment with a certain business house or he might choose another. We wish, therefore, for you to understand that there are these possible branches to your future and it is important for you to make the correct choice, although, strictly speaking, the laws of karma will ensure that you experience the events that you must experience. However, life can be hard or it can be easy. One can blunder along rather like a blind person probing a route that he cannot see or one can view the potential futures and select the one that is most suitable.

Through the process of meditation, prayer, and devotion to God, an aura fills with power that will act to transport you into the akashic area at will. Once you have gained access to that area, you may, as was described above, view past events and learn from them. You may also follow the path of your immediate future and examine where that will take you. As you approach a crossroads, you will see clearly the possible futures that are there. By following in your mind those futures one at a time, you can select one that is most suitable for your development. It is hoped, however, that by the time that you have developed sufficient skill to perform this feat that you will be wise enough to choose a future that will benefit you in the long term and not a future that appears to give you an easy ride through life.

Also, it should be noted that the future is always a little fluid in nature. Although events leading up to a crossroad can be viewed with considerable accuracy and indeed events after a crossroad can be examined and largely relied upon, ultimately, examination proves to be conjecture as more and more variants come into play. That is not to say that the future cannot be manipulated successfully.

Let us imagine that you have examined a series of possible futures and are uncertain as to which one to choose. The course of action is to follow none of them. Sit down and pray to God for guidance. Place yourself in God’s hands and allow him to lead you into the future that is the most promising for you. You may also consult with your guides and helpers assuming that you have developed the faculty of clairaudience (telepathy). You will find that God will lead you into the future and you will not go wrong.

It may be noted that many people who have no ability to enter the akashic and have probably never heard of it also place themselves in God’s hands and allow Him to lead them into the future. The difference is one of maturity. When you were a child, you allowed your parents to guide you along a street, trusting that you would arrive safely at your destination. Now that you are an adult, you follow your own path and ask for help and guidance only when you are lost. The spiritual path is essentially one of growing up. We encourage you to stop acting like a child and begin to act as a mature adult. We give you eyes to see with, ears to hear, and we give you knowledge of the path that you must take. Then we set you free to walk that path in God and in mature fashion.

You cannot make wise decisions without intelligence and knowledge. Few people indeed who have trod the spiritual path have had the knowledge that we make available to you. We cannot give you intelligence but we have shown you how to develop it. We cannot give you wisdom but, once again, we have shown you how to develop that gift. You are now fully armed to tread the path. You are able to rise in maturity, rise in intelligence, and in wisdom. With those attributes, you may open the door to your future and choose where you want to go. God is everywhere. At the end of each road, he is there. Whether you choose the highway to God or a byway is your decision.

Remember that you are not alone. Remember always that you are part of a group, a team, and that team is also on the path to God and cannot arrive at its destination until you arrive. Therefore, enjoy the scenery en route but do not linger too long enjoying it. You might be delaying the group and that would be impolite. On the other hand, no one expects unseemly haste. God created the world and all that is. It is a thing of beauty and should be examined and admired. The beauty of the world will enlarge the outlook that you have and will bring you joy. Those of you who rush straight into the arms of God have their reward but they miss much of the beauty and wonder of God’s kingdom.

Choose the path that you wish to follow and follow it in peace, in love, and in the sureness that you will arrive at your destination. You will meet with us en route. We wait to greet you. We lift you up and carry you with us. Be at one with us. Be at one with all mankind and with all life. Be at one with God. In the name of the Almighty, we seal you and send you on wings of spirit.


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